Mara Zaslove

Artist Bio

Born in Burbank, CA, Mara Zaslove received a BA in Dance and Sociology at U.C. Berkley and later, received a Teaching Credential at U.C.L.A. After teaching Elementary School, she completed her M.A. in Counseling and Guidance from Cal. State, Northridge and became a licensed M.F.T., most recently working with emotionally disturbed children.

Her lifelong interest in photography allowed her to teach special needs children at a variety of institutions and was a volunteer photographer for the Inner City Arts program. In addition, she was the Staff Photographer for Diavolo: an internationally renowned dance company based in Los Angeles.

Mara's photographs have been featured in numerous group exhibitions, most recently being included in the 2017 California Open at the TAG Gallery; 1st Annual Photographic Competition and Exhibition (3 images) 2017 at L.A. Artcore; 2016 Art Classic exhibition “Oasis” at the Millard Sheets Art Center; My image “Sand Shoal“ is in the 2017 exhibit “Water and Sky” at bGGallery/ Bleicher Gorman Gallery at Bergamot Station, as well as a Finalist in the 8th Julia Margaret Cameron Award held in Berlin in 2016. Her image of “Sequoias on Fire” garnered first place in the Sierra Club competition, which acted as a springboard for her photographic pursuits. She is an active member of the Los Angeles Art Association, and lives and works in Santa Monica.

More information on her photography can be seen on her website at

Artist Resume

My photographs are entries to my soul, connecting the intangible to the tangible through light, time and memory. Using natural light to capture what I feel in my heart and my eyes, taking photographs has become as essential to me as breathing air, and in some ways, has evolved into my sixth sense. I thrive on creating visual conversations that embrace the universality of aging, childhood, life on the street and how “human beings” impact the natural world.

Growing up with a father who was a fine artist, I was surrounded by his work and sensibilities. His influence made a profound imprint on me and I often find myself mirroring his visual style. I innately respond to form, patterns, shapes and composition and find that this early exposure permeates my sense of balance and style.

As my photography has progressed, I have been drawn to capture the human stories set in natural environments. Either candid or anticipated, I seek to convey a uniqueness particular to each individual that invites the viewer to explore their own life's path with that of the subject documented.

2017 Exhibitions/Group Shows

  • “Calalilly Lady,” a mixed media piece, was curated into the 2017 Spectrum Gestalt exhibition at the BG Gallery at Bergamot Station.
  • My image “Bound” was selected by the curators of as one of the best photos from 2017.
  • “Peony” was curated by Scott Canty to be part of the 2017 California Open Juried Exhibition at the TAG Gallery.
  • “A Joyful Vision” was selected as part of the International Nude Online Competition/3rd Quarterly Nude Group Exhibition through Fusion Art, Palm Springs.
  • My photo, “Memories Past” was curated into the “She” exhibit at the A.Smith Gallery in Texas.
  • Fine Art Photo Awards: 2017 FAPA: recognized as an amateur nominee in the nude category: Lifecycle/Aging Gracefully series.
  • Selected by the jurors of Color It Red 2017 to be featured in the SHOWCASE PORTFOLIO section of the March/April 2017 issue of Shadow & Light Magazine.
  • My image “Cocooned” was accepted into the April Female Figure Exhibit at Beyond The Lines Gallery at Bergamot Station, CA.
  • 2 of my images were selected by jurors Fatemeh Burnes and Peter Frank for the show, FRESH 2017, at the SOLA Gallery, Los Angeles.
  • 2 of my images were selected by the juror, Gary Samson, to be part of the exhibition BODY/IMAGE at the Darkroom Gallery, Vermont.
  • Topanga Gallery Juried Open 2017, “Between Cultures,” juror: John Paul Thorton.
  • My image was accepted to highlight “Prayer 1” for the “Women of Valor” exhibition at AJU.
  • 3 of my images were juried into the L.A. Artcore 1st Annual Photographic Competition and Exhibition: jurors were George Simian, Richard Vogel, Brian C. Moss, Karen Hampton and Jeff Alu.
  • My image, “An American Staple,” was curated into the group show “Make America” at Gallery 825, Los Angeles: juror - Nancy L. Meyer.
  • Word Jumble Gestalt: an exhibition of art made out of words. “They” Canvas Collage Photographic Overlay. bG Gallery at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA.
  • Exposed: The Contemporary Nude Photography Exhibition. “A Study in Beauty.” 1650 Gallery, Echo Park, CA.
  • 6th CA 101 2017 juried art exhibition. “Bound” curated by Nina Zak Laddon. Riviera Village in Redondo Beach, CA.
  • LAAA 2017 Auction piece selected: Sand Shoal/From 40,000 Feet.
  • My abstract sand shoal image was accepted as a donation for JDRF: One Art exhibition; Artists for a Cure.
  • My image “Mermaid” was accepted by CASA of Los Angeles for their Wine and Art Fundraiser.
  • Holiday Bazaar at L.A. Art Share accepted my image “Sand Shoal” for their exhibition.


  • My image “Flying” was accepted into the Black and White exhibit at the Black Box Gallery.
  • “On An Odd Night”: A collaboration with ten other artists from Gallery 825 presenting at TAG Gallery, Bergamot Station, with critic: Om Bleicher, December 2016.
  • “Bold Beauty” with three other artists at Pilates and Art, Echo Park, November 2016 -January 2017.
  • My image, "Dust to Dust," was juried into the “Sacred Memories” exhibition at the Biscailuz Gallery in downtown Los Angeles, 2016.
  • My image, “Peeking Out” was juried into the 2016 California Open at the TAG Gallery, Bergamot Station, juror:Kent Twitchell.
  • 10 of my photographic images were curated into the 2016 second annual Art Classic exhibition “Oasis” at the Los Angeles County Fair in the front gallery of the Millard Sheets Art Center.
  • My image, “Ancient Lines,” was juried into the Los Angeles Art Association's 2016 auction.
  • 8 images were juried into “Monstr Reality” exhibition at bG/bGart Galleries at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, California, May 2016.
  • My image, “Outside,” was juried into 'Out There,” a very special exhibition during West Hollywood's Pride Month 2016 festivities at LAAA/Gallery 825.
  • My work is part of the Fine Art Auction to benefit the Hold You Foundation at The Loft at Liz's, May 2016.
  • Several of my images were selected to be part of “Open Desert” a music and photographic arts showcase at the Palm Springs Art Museum.
  • Finalist in 8th Julia Margaret Cameron Award that will be held in Berlin in 2016: curator, Laura Noble, director and curator of the LA Noble Gallery of London.
  • My image was chosen to be included in the first annual Creative Portraiture Exhibition at the Los Angeles Center of Photography, 2015: juror, Art Streiber.
  • My work was included in the 5th Annual Exposure Award's digital display at the Musee du Louvre, Paris - France on July 13th, 2015 as part of the Body Collection.
  • Photo image “Smothered” was accepted into “Out There,” a very special exhibition during West Hollywood's Pride Month festivities at LAAA/Gallery 825, June, 2015.
  • hale Arts Gallery in Santa Monica, California has curated 4 images from my “Sand Shoals” series into a show taking place June, 2015.
  • bG/bGart Galleries at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, California, has curated 4 images from my “Invisible” series into a show taking place May 2015.
  • My photo image “Mermaid” was juried into Spectrum Gestalt 2 at bG Gallery Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA.
  • Six of my photographic images were juried into the $100 show at haleArts Gallery in Santa Monica, CA.
  • My photo “In Repose” was juried into the LAAA 90th Anniversary Benefit Auction, Gallery 825, West Hollywood, CA.
  • 2014 “Collective Conclusion”: group show with 10 artists from Gallery 825/LAAA, l-5 Gallery at the Brewery, Los Angeles, CA.
  • 2010 “By the Sea”: portrait of Barbados - 17th Street Cafe, Santa Monica, CA.
  • 2008 “Natural Expression,” 17th Street Cafe, Santa Monica, CA.
  • 2007 “A New Focus,” The Spot, Culver City, CA.
  • 2007 “Sounds of Quiet”: a seasonal perspective, Epicenter Art Gallery, Olema, CA.
  • My image, “Joyful Vision,” was selected for the “Portraiture,” exhibition at PH21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary.
  • My image, Pink Lemonade, received First Place in the Summertime/S'mores and Fireflies from L.A. Photo Curator.
  • 5 of my images were juried into “Naked” by Lawrence Wheatman. The exhibition took place at the Soho Gallery in NYC sponsored by Re:Artiste, an international art organization.
  • International Photography Awards/ The Family of Man/ Category: Old Age - 2 Honorable Mentions; Death- Honorable Mention.
  • My image, Joyful Vision, was chosen for GROUNDSWELL at Groundspace Project by jurior: Mat Gleason.
  • My image “In the Forest” was accepted into The Pasadena Art Show in conjunction with Art in the Art house. Jurors: Joshua Elias and Judith Liebe.
  • 2 of my images, “Rivulets” and “Running River,” were juried into “Water” 2016 Colors of Humanity Art Gallery.
  • 2016 Spectrum Gestault, BG Gallery, Bergamot Station.
  • A grouping of my images that are part of my “Buoyancy” series were in a group show titled “Distinctive Voices” with several other artists from L.A.A.A. and critiqued by Peter Frank.
  • My image “Keeper of the Flame” was juried into “From Her: An Exhibition in honor of National Women's History Month” at El Tranquilo Gallery, Olvera Street.
  • 2 images were juried into “Skies” a multimedia international show from the Colors of Humanity Art Gallery.
  • Red Dog News “Color It Red” 2016 Winner.
  • “The Foolish Game” curated by Kurt Mueller of David Kordansky Gallery shown at Gallery 825, Los Angeles.
  • 1st Place for “Storytelling” curated by Carolyn Hampton on L.A. Photo Curator International Photography Awards.
  • Special Merit Award and Special Recognition Award for 2 images that were juried into the “All Women Art Exhibition” on the Light, Space and Time Online Art Gallery.
  • 2 of my images have been selected for inclusion in the January 2016 show “Open” at the Colors of Humanity Art Gallery.
  • My image, Ancient Lines, was selected for inclusion in the 2016 Topanga Canyon Gallery Juried Show: juror, Susan Schomburg.


  • “Distinctive Voices”: A collaboration with ten other artists from Gallery 825 presenting at the Hangar Gallery, with critic: Peter Frank, 2015.
  • My image “In the Clouds” was selected for an honorable mention by curator, Richard S. Chow. It is on the site of the L.A. Photo Curator: International Photography Awards for the exhibition titled “Memories”.
  • 2 of my images received Special Recognition in the “Open” 2015 Show and will be shown at the Colors of Humanity Art Gallery
  • My image, “Butterflies,” received an Honorable Mention in the October “Colors” Art Competition at the Contemporary Art Gallery.
  • My image was selected to be part of “Chestnut,” an all-media exploration of narrative in contemporary art practice: juror, Walter Maciel.
  • My image, Sweet Dreams 1, was chosen as one of the three honorable mentions by curator John Matkowsky of Darkroom Gallery in Los Angeles/The Nude as Art on L.A. Photo Curator.
  • My photo was chosen by the curators of the for the competition entitled “Blue.”.
  • 2015 7th Place - Overall Category Figurative Art Competition, “In Repose,” Light Space Time Art Gallery.
  • 2015 Figurative Art Competition 3rd Place - Photography Category, Light Space Time Online Art Gallery
  • Selected as a Winner in the 4th 2015 ArtSlant Showcase Competition.
  • My photo was chosen by the curators of the for the competition entitled “Bridges”.
  • Gallery 825/LAAA, an emerging artists' organization in Los Angeles, has curated my image “In Repose" into their 2015 Auction in August (it sold).
  • 2 images were juried into “Colors of Humanity” Art Gallery's February 2015 exhibit entitled “Red”.
  • Image from my series “A Study in Beauty” selected to be exhibited in the ARTISTS CORNER BOOTH at Photo la
  • Your.Daily.Photograph (January) Duncan Miller Gallery, CA.
  • 2015 Topanga Gallery Juried Open Show: juror - Michael Zakian.
  • 2 photos were juried into “From Her: An Exhibition by Women about Women” at the Pico House Gallery in downtown, Los Angeles, CA.
  • My photo was chosen by the curators of the for the competion entitled “JOY”.
  • Your.Daily.Photograph (June) Duncan Miller Gallery, CA.


  • Your.Daily. Photograph (August) Duncan Miller Gallery, CA.
  • LACDA, Rex Bruce, Photo in the Downtown Artwalk.
  • LAAA 2014 Annual Auction, Photo accepted.
  • 4 Photos sold at the Annual Art Show sponsored by Kiwis of Los Angeles.
  • “A Study in Beauty” partial series critiqued by Betty Brown at the l-5 Gallery at the Brewery.
  • 2014 Juried Open Show: juror- Jim Morphesis at the Topanga Canyon Gallery, CA.
  • 3 photos selected by committee to be housed in the new Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Surgery/Emergency, Torrance, CA.
  • 3 images nominated for 'Luggage': citizen M photo competition (exposure in Amsterdam).
  • Your. Daily. Photograph (February) juror: David Bram, Duncan Miller Gallery, CA.
  • Her: an Exhibition by Women about Women, Pico House Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Your.Daily.Photograph (April 2014) juror: Steve Perloff, Duncan Miller Gallery, CA.
  • Inside Out, Honorable Mention, PH21 Gallery, Budapest.
  • Third Place in the Black and White Category, Professional Women Photographers Spring Competition: Juror, Andrea Meislin.


  • Small works: Big Talent Group Exhibition, Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna, CA.
  • The Human Side: A Photo Competition hosted by Gulf Coast Art Directory, 1 of 15 finalists.
  • Photo chosen for Los Angeles Art Association's Annual Auction.
  • 8 Photos shown at the Kiwis in LA Art Show.
  • Topanga Canyon Juried Open Show, Ca. Juror: Om Navon Bleicher.
  • “Be A Saint,” Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura, CA.
  • Color It Red, Honorable Mention, Red Dog News online gallery exhibition.
  • 28th Annual “Made in California” Juried Show, Juror: Meg Linton, City of Brea Art Gallery, CA.
  • Series on Sand Shoals was selected as a winner in the 2nd Weekly Mini contest by the WPGA. These photos will be in their Online Gallery starting on April 10, 2013 and exhibited for one year.
  • A Smith Gallery's “Chair” competition juried by Rufus Lovett: Johnson City, Texas.
  • “Emeritus Student Photography Show” in Santa Monica, CA.
  • 2013 MOPLA “Pin-Up” Show at the Robert Berman Gallery: Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA.
  • Series titled “Center Stage” was selected as a winner in the 3rd Weekly Mini contest by the WPGA. Portfolio (4 series) will be highlighted in the WPGA Online Gallery for one year
  • Winner in the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th 2013 Showcase competition for ArtSlant. Photos shown online for a month
  • Juror's Selection in the PWP's Spring 2013 International Call for Entry. Image will appear in IMPRINTS Magazine and will be featured in the online exhibition on the PWP website,
  • Dwell on Design Event, 2 photos chosen for display by curator: MaryLinda Moss, Designers Fine Art Resources.
  • Photographs used to promote George Kahn's Jazz and Blues Revue and Album Cover, 2013.
  • Photographs used to promote Diavolo's premiere of "Fluid Infinities" at Disney Hall, Sept. 2013.
  • 5th edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award. Photo selected as a winner in the Fine Art category.
  • Photo selected for exhibit of Women's Rights: An Artist's Perspective.
  • Photo juried into online exhibit for Botanical Competition.
  • Selected to show work in A Bug's Life juried Photography Exhibit at Gallery 1650, Echo Park.


  • 2012 California Open Juried Exhibition, TAG Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica,CA. juror: Meg Linton.
  • 2012 Open Show, Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA), Gallery 825, juror: Rebecca Morse, Associate Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA).
  • “Spontaneous,” Darkroom Gallery, Essex Jct.,Vermont. Juror: Nikos Economopoulos.
  • Women in Photography International 2012 Competition, Honorable Mention, jurors: Susan Spiritus, Hannah Sloan, Jean Ferro
  • GEM, Los Angeles Artist's Association, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA.
  • OFF THE CLOCK, 2012 APA-LA Curated Personal Photography Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA. Juried by Gordon Baldwin.
  • Santa Monica College 33rd Annual Exhibition, Santa Monica, CA.
  • “Play,” A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, Texas. Juried by Angela Bacon-Kidwell.
  • “Simulacrum,” Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA. Juried by Bennett Roberts.
  • 2012 Manfreight Kiwis in LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA. Curator: Keith Flamank.
  • Small Works 2012, Barnsdall Art Center, Los Angeles, CA. Judges: Michael Duncan, Eleana del Rio, Tulsa Kinney.
  • Women In Photography International/WIPI “It's Magical,” Honorable Mention/Rainbow, juror: Chantel Paul, Asst. Curator, MOPA.
  • International Photography Awards/IPA 2012, Honorable Mention for Architecture/Interiors, jurors: 80 of the World's Most Prominent Photographers.
  • Linus Art Galleries, “Motion,” Long Beach and Pasadena, CA.
  • Countryside 2012 Art Exhibition, Special Recognition Award, Light,Space,Time (.com/online exhibition).


  • California Open Competition, TAG Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA. jurors: Peter Mays & Katherine Chang Liu.
  • 31st Annual Spring Photography Contest Finalist, Photographer's Forum, Santa Barbara, CA. juror: Nell Campbell.
  • “Best of Nature,” San Diego Natural History Museum, Ordover Gallery, San Diego, CA.
  • “Simply the Best,” Inaugural online exhibit, Digital Arts, CA.
  • “Health, Wellness and the Pursuit of Happiness,” Santa Monica City College, CA.
  • Essie Award Finalist, Summer Showcase, Gallore Gallery, Middletown, Connecticut.
  • “Open Theme,” Light and Space, Time online gallery.
  • “Seasons” Art Competition, Special Recognition Award, Light, Space, Time online gallery.
  • “Out There,” Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA.
  • “Emerging Artist Series,” Art Network News Quarterly, AJAS, Texas.
  • “Landscape,”
  • “Early Morning, After Dark,” Mpls Photo Center, Minnesota.
  • “Wish You Were Here 10,” A.I.R. Gallery, New York.
  • “Annual Student Photography Spring Exhibition”, Santa Monica City College, CA.
  • “Kid Stuff,” 1650 Gallery, Echo Park, CA. juror: Andrew Overtoom.
  • “A Day in the Life of LA,” 24/1 Active Arts@The Music Center, Los Angeles, CA.
  • “Simplicity,” Honorable Mention, A. Smith Gallery, Texas.
  • “Serenity Winter,” UCSF Women's Health Center, San Francisco, CA.
  • “Mixing Bowl” Immigration & Diversity in America, Target Gallery/Torpedo Factory Art Center, Virginia.
  • “Romance,” Honorable Mention, A. Smith Gallery, Texas. juror: Amanda Smith.
  • Light and Space and Time online gallery, “Open,” Theme.
  • “Woman as Photographer,” Documenting Life as a Woman, Mpls Photo Center, Minnesota. juror: Christina Chang.
  • “Art of Photography,”
  • “PX3 Official Selection,” Prix de la Photographie, Paris.
  • Artslant Showcase Winner for Round #3, online portfolio.


  • “Moonstruck,” Cahoon Museum of American Art, Massachusetts.
  • “Best of Nature Photography Show,” Ordover Gallery, San Diego Natural History Museum.
  • “California Open Exhibition,” TAG Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA.
  • “Into the Wild,” Vermont Photography's Workplace, Vermont.
  • “Natural Wonders,” PhotoPlace Gallery, Vermont.
  • “The Open Show,” SoftCanvas Gallery, online.
  • “Serenity Spring,” UCSF Center for Women's Health, San Francisco, CA.
  • “Portrait of Barbados,” Hangar Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.
  • Artslant, Juried 5, online.
  • 12 Annual International Faces Competition, online gallery.


  • American Juried Art Salon, Master Level, online gallery.
  • “A New Focus,” Infusion Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Projekt 30, online gallery.
  • Apogee “Toes,” “Looking Up,” both Honorable Mention.
  • National Photo Awards October Competition, 10th Place and Award of Excellence Winner/People Category.
  • National Photo Awards June Contest, Ninth Place OPEN Category.


  • Topanga Canyon Gallery Juried Competition, Topanga, CA.
  • American Juried Art Salon Juried Competition, online gallery.
  • Projekt30 April Exhibition, online gallery.
  • Momentum: Images of Dance Juried Exhibition.


  • National Photo Awards, May Contest, December Contest, Seventh Place and OPEN Category Winner.
  • Photographer's Forum Magazine, Finalist and Award of Excellence.

Professional Positions

  • 2016 Documented the creation and the development of (photographed over a period of several months/rehearsals) “49 Women Who Count” by Donna Sternberg and Doni Silver Simons performed at the Arena 1 Gallery located at the Santa Monica Airport Studios.
  • 2014-2016 Moderator for artists' critique groups through L.A.A.A., 2 years running.
  • 2016-Guest Curator judging the theme entitled “Comic Relief” for the L.A. Photo Curator photo competition.
  • 2015-Artist in Residence: Teaching photography to teens at Virginia Park, Santa Monica, CA.
  • 2010-2014 Staff Photographer for Diavolo: An Internationally Renowned Dance Company based at the Downtown Brewery, Los Angeles, CA.
  • 2011-2014 Involved as a photographer volunteer for the Inner City Arts program in Downtown, Los Angeles.
  • 2012 Photography Teacher for children in after school program for Elementary School Students at Beethoven Elementary in Los Angeles, CA.
  • 2010 Photography Teacher for children at KidznMotion, Santa Monica, CA.


  • My first self published book “Don't Send Me No Rocking Chair” will be introduced at the “FRESH” exhibition at LACP 2017.
  • My work was selected by the curators of “Color It Red 2017” to be featured in the Showcase Portfolio section of the March/April 2017 issue of Shadow & Light Magazine (
  • “My Story” about Inge Rekenye was published in “Our Ever Changing World: Through the Eyes of Artists” Best of 2016 Art & Story, California. Book 6: Coordinated by Karrie Ross
  • Lenscratch posted photo for Earth Day, Mother's Day, L.A. March Protest.
  • CA Open 2016 Exhibition Catalogue
  • 2010 Prescott College publication, “Alligator Juniper,” Arizona.
  • 2009 Tatoo Highway Issue 16.
  • 2009 Shutterbug Magazine, Featured in “Picture This! A River Runs Through It”.
  • 2007 Shutterbug Magazine, Featured in “Lazy Days of Summer”.
  • 2006 Coastal Living Competition, 1st Runner Up.

Professional Organizations

  • Artist member of LACP 2017.
  • Artist member of JAI, Los Angeles, since 2016.
  • 2009 Artist Member of Los Angeles Artist's Association, Gallery 825.
  • Artist member of Women in Photography International (WIPI).
  • Artist Member of APA, Los Angeles, 2016